Happy Baby Pose | Ananda Balasana

The Happy Baby pose is a little more challenging than Knees-to-Chest. By reaching your feet, your back and groin get a deeper stretch. If you can’t reach both feet at the same time, do just one at a time. This pose is deeply relaxing and quieting to the brain.

  • Step 1 Lie on your back.
  • Step 2 Exhale and draw both knees toward your chest; unfold your knees and grab the inside arches of your feet with both hands.
  • Step 3 The soles of your feet should face the ceiling; your knees move down under your armpits.
  • Step 4 With each exhale, gently draw your knees toward your armpits, releasing slightly with the inhale.

Things to think about

• Enjoy how your back feels in this pose.