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Benefits of Online Personal Training

Cost Effective

If you compare in-person fitness training to online personal training, the cost advantages of online training are undeniable. Most top online personal trainers charge more per one hour session in person than they do for an entire 12 week training course sold online. For example, it would take 5 months if you wanted to lose 40 pounds on a 2 pound per week regimen training 3 times per week.

So let’s do the math:

Based on a $50 Per 1 hour session
3 x 50 = $150 Per week
$150 x 4 = $600 Per Month
$600 x 5 = $3000

Wow! thats $3000 which is over10 times what it would cost for our online services which is $40 monthly.

No Time or Location Constraints

By enlisting in our online personal training programs you will have complete freedom over your workout time and location. No more having to sync your schedule with your trainer or fitting the gym around an ever changing work day. Online training allows you to have your workout schedule and meal plan in the palm of your hand on your mobile device and synced up with your desktop computer leaving you totally in control.


Typical results from online personal training vary from site to site but the proof is in the pudding, it does work and that is why it is becoming so popular. Without question, results from online personal training far exceed training on your own. If you cannot afford personal training, Online Personal Training is the way to go for the best results.


With workouts updated and reviewed each week your online personal training can progress every week in a safe yet powerful manner!Your online personal trainer can give you nutritional advice which can make all the difference in the world on your path to a leaner and stronger body and mind.

How It Works

⦁ Sign up and complete the Par-Q form to let us know your goals and the time frame you want to complete them in
⦁ Together we will calculate you caloric requirements and determine the safest route to obtain your fitness goals
⦁ Login to complete you fitness assessment
⦁ Get a customized workout plan every 4 weeks (Workout plans include videos and instructions to assist you)
⦁ Together we will track your progression and complete monthly assessment in your personal members portal
⦁ Nutritional guidance-including calories, macros, meal timing, food suggestions, etc.

Plan For Personal Training

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